November 9, 2012 Meeting Minutes

TACA Quarterly Board Meeting

Friday 9 November 2012


Meeting called to order by President Jeff Sharp at 9:04 a.m., during the Tennessee Fire Safety Inspectors’ Association (TFSIA) Conference on Friday 9 November 2012 at the Rutherford County EMS Building, 1220 West College Street, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

The roll was called by Secretary, Michael Bartlett of the Board Members in attendance and was assured all present were in good standing and current with their annual dues.  A quorum was determined as twelve (12) Board Members were present (*attached).  A note is made regarding a Quorum; a quorum for the Annual Meeting is twenty members and a quorum for the Quarterly Meetings is either 2/3 or 50% +1 of the Board Members.

The Secretary’s Report and previous Minutes were read by Michael Bartlett of the Board Meeting on Wednesday 8 August 2012.  A motion to accept the 8 August Minutes as amended was made by Anthony Fultz and seconded by Jim Simpson.  The vote passed.

No Treasurer’s Report was given due to the absence of the Treasurer.

Dewey Woody, the new Director of Tennessee Bomb and Arson, was introduced and informed those present he planned to work closely with the different entities within the State.

 Old Business

1.  Russell Robinson reported on the website update. Jeff Woodard was not present to discuss the status.  RegOnline® will go online sometime in January, 2013.  Credit card fees will be absorbed by TACA at this time.  There is no need to currently discuss further money as we are still well within our budget.

2.  Jeff Sharp circulated a copy of a proposed “Proxy Form” that our attorney, Art McClellan, developed for us to use. With a few corrections, it can be used for both the Annual Meeting and the Quarterly Board Meetings.  Russell stated he could have it online to be issued and a copy sent to the Secretary to maintain the form and file the information.

3.  Jeff Sharp requested that anyone who receives an e-mail from another Board Member, acknowledges receipt of the e-mail for confirmation and to assure good communication.

4.  Our TACA Annual Conference will be Wednesday through Friday, 15-17 May, 2013 and an initial Board Meeting will be conducted on Tuesday 14 May 2013 to assure all issues are finalized. Jeff went over program ideas.  Jim Simpson has a four (4) hour block for “Subrogation and Spoliation Issues.”  Russell Robinson can put together eight (8) hours of “Field Interviews” geared toward Arson Investigation by Mark Hall.  We will need two full 8 hour days and one 4 hour day for a total of twenty (20) hours POST and Fire Commission Approved Class Hours.  Russell will put everything together and get approvals but he will need biographies of the instructors and their lesson plans.

Dewey Woody has an idea for 2 to 4 hours on Firefighter Line of duty Deaths and the proper way to document the death along with a checklist to follow.  Dewey stated he had an agreement with MTSU to assist TACA.  The Training Committee; Russell Robinson, Jim Simpson and Darrell Hodge, will work on the next annual training and have a decision made by the February 2013 Meeting.

5.  An annual TACA Fee Charge change is needed and was discussed. William Barker stated we should announce the annual fee change at the 2013 Annual Meeting and Lee Brooks stated the fee increase may need to be voted on by the General Membership.


New Business

1.  2013 Annual Conference Committees were reconfirmed. The Committees are:


  1. Bylaws – Jeff Sharp (Chairman)
  2. Training & Education – Russell Robinson (Chairman), Jim Simpson, Darrell Hodge
  3. Hotel & Hospitality – Michael Bartlett (Chairman), Randy Groce, William Barker
  4. Nominating – Danny Beeler (Chairman)
  5. Testing – Danny Beeler (Chairman)
  6. Vendors – Michael Bartlett (Chairman), Tiffany Starr Smith, Bill Garner
  7. Audit Research – Danny Beeler (Chairman), Jim Simpson, JP Ray


Note: Jeff Sharp made a Motion to develop an Audit Research Committee based on the advice of our Legal Counsel and the Historian that we need to return to annual audits as TACA did in the past.  Further discussion will be conducted.

2.  William Barker presented to the Board that on September 17, 2012 several fires had been set in Hamilton County Middle School. Hamilton County and ATF has posted an $8,500.00 reward plus the TACA $1,500.00 award would make a $10,000.00 Award for any information resulting in an arrest and conviction.  William stated that the TACA requirement is to be notified by our hotline and this has been verbally conveyed.  Per William Barker, What would TACA be able to do?  ATF Hotline and Hamilton County Hotline already allows two lines in place.  Historian Lee Brooks states there is a sheet regarding the administration of our hotline [Note: SFMO Arson Hotline Information sheet attached] and this is the requirement to meet our hotline process.  Tiffany Starr Smith stated that none of the three groups above has a binding obligation.  Jeff stated that they meet the requirement to actually have to call our hotline in addition to the ATF and Hamilton County hotlines and then we; TACA, will vote on whether to award the $1,500.00.  It was questioned as to whether it had to be the Detectives or the Informant whom must call the hotline and Lee Brooks stated that this had always been a concern.  Danny Beeler stated that under this specific event that it should be approved for the Detective to call our hotline instead of the Informant.  Lee Brooks will bring our attorney, Art McClelland, to the February 2013 meeting to further discuss this situation.  Jeff Sharp stated that “this criteria is the criteria and it should be followed as it is spelled out.”  Russell Robinson will post a copy of the form (attached) on the website for all to see and to utilize.

3.  Jeff Sharp stated it has been three years or more since we have offered an award of $1,500.00 to any Informant. Jeff questioned if we could increase our award to a higher amount to gain some interest.  Jeff requested Dewey Woody to help us develop a spread sheet to show how and what information is being received.  Russell Robinson reviewed the current Hotline process and it was decided that an in-depth review and update of our current procedure may be required.  Jeff requested data we want included in the process be e-mailed to him and he will address the issue to Dewey Woody.

4.  It was stated that our next Board Meeting will be held on 8 February 2013 in West Tennessee at 9:00 a.m. (Central Time.) Jim Simpson will confirm a location in either Jackson or Milan Tennessee.


A motion was made by Anthony Fultz and seconded by Danny Beeler to adjourn this Board Meeting.  The Motion was voted and passed at 11:05 a.m. with 14 members present, 12 of them being Board Members.