November 8, 2013 Meeting Minutes

TACA Quarterly Board Meeting

Friday 8 November 2013


The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Sharp at 9:12 a.m. at the Franklin City Police Department Conference Room, 900 Columbia Avenue, Franklin, Tennessee.

The roll was called by Secretary Michael Bartlett of the Officers and Board of Directors present and was assured all members present were current with their dues and in good standing with our organization.  Fifteen members were present and eleven were officers or board members; eight of the twelve board members represents a quorum.  The sign-in sheet and roster are attached.

Minutes from the 14 August 2013 Board Meeting were read by the Secretary.  A motion was made by Jimmy Jennings to approve the Minutes as read and a second was made by Bill Garner.  The motion passed.

Nora Smith was called away from the meeting due to an emergency but she gave the Treasurer’s report to the President to read.  The report stated the balance is $21,045.34, with expenses out of $53.00 and t-shirt sales in of $312.00.  As of 30 September 2013 the checking balance is $21,357.34 and the money market balance is $10,768.94.

Jeff Sharp hopes to have a report from the Audit Committee by the February 2014 Board Meeting.  No report is currently available.  Nora Smith gave Jeff the records from 1 January 2013 through 31 October 2013.  Jeff wants the statements from 1 January 2012 through 31 December 2012 in addition to the 2013 year statements.  Jeff wants a report regarding 2012 and 2013 available for the May 2014 General Meeting.  After this starting report, quarterly reports shall be made at each Board Meeting and a formal audit will be made each year at the May General Meeting.

Jeff Sharp wants to have our Treasurer bonded to protect the treasurer and our organization.  Jeff stated bonding is usually in increments of $25,000 and he wants Nora Smith bonded for $50,000.  Jeff will research bonding and have answers for our February meeting.  A motion was made by Randy Groce and was seconded by Bill Garner to pre-approve an amount up to $300.00 to have Nora Smith bonded for $50,000 and the motion passed unanimously.

Jeff welcomed Director Dewey Woody, Tennessee Bomb and Arson, and thanked him for getting the spreadsheets for September and October.  Jeff plans to get the information out to the Board Members before the February meeting.  Jeff and Director Woody discussed putting information on a spreadsheet that updates each incident in a cumulative fashion.  Director Woody has had his (pio) public information officer design four or five ideas for new TACA signs.  He will bring them to our February meeting and we can choose one or two designs to have new signs printed before our 2014 May Conference.


Old Business

1.  Jeff Sharp and Michael Bartlett reviewed the current TACA inventory. We currently have the new and the old TACA Display Boards, numerous TACA mugs at the Knoxville PD, several t-shirts, and two totes containing hospitality room items from last year.  We have one empty hospitality tote and less than 50 TACA Reward posters.

2.  Bill Garner will research free billboard space plus the costs to rent standard billboards and electronic billboards. Bill has a contact and will research the rental fees before the February meeting.  Director Woody indicated that billboards today are not much more than “printed tarps” that are strapped onto the boards.  Lee Brooks suggested we could have our Regional Vice Presidents all keep one printed billboard to place in areas as they become available.  More information will be available in February.


New Busines

1.  Jimmy Jennings discussed the prospect of moving the conference from Murfreesboro to Franklin and the research that had been accomplished.  Jimmy stated TACA is not just about the rewards but also about training and that Franklin can provide a training area to allow a better education for our members.  He stated Franklin can provide burn cells and a thumb drive report of the fires to be used by the members in courtroom testimony to prove expert witness status.


Jimmy has researched four hotels in the Cool Springs area.  The Embassy Suites would be $129 per night but this year it is unavailable.  The Drury Inn would be $99 per night and is available but everything costs extra and is probably not affordable.  The Hilton Gardens would be $129 per night and the Conference Area and Hospitality Room would be comped but we would pay for all food and drink.  The Marriott Inn would be $129 per night and the Hospitality Room (Presidential Suite) would be $299 per night.  The Conference Room would be $1,000 and $700 for break items.  The State rate for the Cool Springs area is $102 leaving $27 per night to be covered by the attendee.

In comparison, the Murfreesboro Clarion Inns & Suites would be $77 per night with the Conference Rooms costing us $200 including two comped rooms for our Hospitality Area and “Recovery Room.”

Jimmy stated the Franklin Mayor and the Franklin Fire Department Chief wants TACA to move to their city for the taxes and money spent in the city during the conference.  Jimmy will do further research and get detailed quotes to Michael Bartlett.  Jimmy invited Michael to visit the Marriott following adjournment of this meeting to see the facility and discuss the amenities.  *Reference 18 November 2013 Memorandum titled: Relocation of TACA Conference – attached.


A Motion to move the Conference to Franklin was made by Bill Garner and was seconded by Randy Groce.  The move will be to the Marriott pursuant to a guaranteed $129 per night of not more than 45 rooms, $299 per night x 3 nights for Hospitality, no more than $700 for breaks and a comped meeting room.  Additionally, clarification of whether the complimentary breakfast will be for hotel residents only or all attendees as it is at the Murfreesboro Clarion.  The vote was not taken pending further research.

Jimmy Jennings indicated a class itinerary had been established.  Wednesday would have registration from 8 am – 9 am and opening ceremonies from 9am – 10 am.  A half day, 6 hour class at the burn cell would be held on Wednesday.  Thursday would have a 4 hour bomb class in the morning and a sovereign citizen 4 hour class in the afternoon.  Friday would entail a 4 hour class with results from the burn cells and labs.

2.  Lee Brooks indicated the need for a Curriculum Committee. Bomb and Arson has announced they will build bridges and will be working together with our investigators.  Bomb and Arson wants a consistent training across the board working with both IAAI and TACA.  They want to see an 8 hour First Responder Class, a 15 hour Cause and Origin Class, a 40 hour Fire Investigator I class and a 64 hour Fire Investigator II class.

3.  Jeff Sharp will look for a thirty to sixty minute class for our February Board Meeting. The meeting will be held in West Tennessee on the 1st Friday of February, 7 February 2014.  Jeff will get in touch with Jim Simpson for location and time specifics.

A motion to adjourn was made by Bill Garner and was seconded by Randy Groce.  The vote was approved and the meeting was adjourned at 11:50 a.m.

Michael Bartlett met Jimmy Jennings at the Marriott Inn at 12:25 p.m. to follow-up on the items discussed in question.  Michael Bartlett left the meeting at the Marriott at 1:55 p.m.