November 4, 2010 Meeting Minutes

TACA – Quarterly Board Meeting

4 November 2010


Meeting called to order by President Scott Sumner at 10:03 a.m., Thursday 4 November 2010, at the TFSIA Conference, Clarion Inn and Suites in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.


Roll called of Board Members in attendance by Secretary, Michael Bartlett (*Attached).  Quorum established; 14 Board Members, 15 Total Members. (*Attached)


Secretary’s Report and Previous Meeting Minutes read by Michael Bartlett.  Motion to accept 4 August 2010 minutes by Larry Dauberman, seconded by Danny Beeler.


Treasurer’s Report by Nora Smith indicated account stands about same as August 2010 meeting; $13,000+/- in checking and $10,000+/- in savings.  Motion to accept by Randy Groce, seconded by Jim Simpson.


Old Business


  1. Thumb Drive has been received by Secretary Michael Bartlett. Data Base is on the thumb drive.  Additional paperwork may be forthcoming.


  1. There were forty six (46) calls to the Arson Hotline from November 2009 to November 2010.


  1. Scott Sumnar wants our flyer updated and improved. T. Starr Smith-Martin wants statistics for the flyer.  Jeff Sharp and Tiffany will work on update of Mission Statement, Bylaws, History and Pictures for next meeting.


  1. Nora Smith submitted Contract from Clarion Inn & Suites from last year (2009) to Scott Sumner for review and information.


  1. Murfreesboro Fire Department member will bring the back board, applications and programs to the IAAI Conference in Gatlinburg, Tennessee next August. Two TACA members will be at the booth during hospitality time and breaks and lunch.  The back board needs to be updated and will be done by Jeff Day and Michael Bartlett.


  1. Jeff Sharp made a motion to table the business of increasing the cap on the hotline reward until the Annual Meeting. It was suggested this be voted on in each annual meeting.  Randy Groce seconded motion and it passed.


  1. Jeff Day discussed POST and CFI certifications for our May Conference. He must have bios, agenda, dates, and test questions to submit before 1 January 2011.  A motion to table the motion until our February meeting made by Nora Smith, seconded by T. Starr Smith-Martin, and passed vote.  Russell Robinson will mail a copy of POST requirements to Scott Sumner.


  1. Russell Robinson updated the group on our structure to burn and review at the May Conference. A structure will not be acceptable after the required EPA tear out and stripping.  Russell asked if anyone had a recently burned house to set up but no fires were available.  Russell suggested using InterFire Interactive VR discs and separating responsibility to each specific area and discipline to teach that portion.  He stated the videos are good and the scenarios are challenging. Russell thinks he can possibly get enough free copies of the program to put in the attendees gift bags.  It was suggested to obtain 100 copies.  Russell will act as lead instructor and get InterFire VR – Instructor Manual – Interactive Virtual Reality Fire Investigator for each instructor along with planning a 6 hour session on Day 1 of the conference following the Opening Ceremony.


Jeff Sharp stated he would either help with the Insurance Module of the presentation or find someone to teach it.  Scott Sumner said he would get an Electrical Engineer to do a 4 hour session for the program.  Jim Simpson said he would get an attorney, possibly Rusty Raveer or Dr. Tom Eaton, to teach the legal portion of the program.  Russell Robinson plans to review the program and act as liaison to bring it all together.  Nora Smith made a motion to follow this direction. Jeff Day seconded and the motion passed.


  1. Jeff Day made a motion to withdraw Old Business: point #7, regarding the POST and CFI certification requests. Andrew Kon seconded the motion and it passed on vote.


  1. Membership in the Fire Service Coalition was discussed. Scott Sumner and Nora Smith pointed out that we don’t want to make a commitment yet because we don’t have adequate treasury funds to join.  Danny Beeler made a motion to reject membership in the Coalition for this fiscal year.  Jeff Day seconded the motion and the vote passed.


New Business


  1. A request for an Arson Hot Line payout was submitted to the Board by Nashville Fire Department Fire Investigator, Billy Deering. The fire occurred in a vacant Nashville structure on May 28, 2009.  {Name and affiliation redacted}, called in the 911 alarm and assisted investigator with taping phone calls and identifying the one who allegedly set the fire.  Clay O’Mallary was implicated in the fire of the vacant house being remodeled, which apparently did not have insurance on it.  Mr. O’Mallory had served 3 years for burning an auto repair shop in Omaha, Nebraska and is a convicted serial arsonist with 30 fires in Nebraska and 20 fires in Idaho.  He is also responsible for 10 structure fires and 20 nuisance fires in Nashville.  Mr. O’Mallory was tried for arson and theft of property but took a plea for six years and is serving at the Nashville State Penitentiary with a parole hearing scheduled in November 2011.


Billy Deering left the Board Meeting and discussion began regarding reward payout.  Danny Beeler stated the payout would set a precedent and Nora Smith stated they reported a “fire” not an “arsonist” and our goal is to help convict arsonists.  Max Thomas remembered a case where an individual called in a fire and helped with the arrest.  The individual called the Arson Hotline after the event and was rewarded the money.  Jeff Sharp stated that {name redacted} may not have known our hotline existed and we shouldn’t penalize a person’s good deeds – even some law enforcement don’t know we exist.  Andrew Kon suggested the publicity of the reward payout may help TACA be known better.  Max Thomas and Scott Sumner thought this event may help get Metro Nashville to come aboard and be a part of TACA.  T. Starr Smith-Martin and Travis Kincaid stated this could set a precedent that will allow people to contact our hotline after the fact and become detrimental.  It was brought up that we could lose our tax status if we don’t follow the bylaws.  Scott Sumner plans to send bylaws to all board members.  Larry Dauberman made a motion to table the vote until our next meeting.  It was seconded by  Jeff Day and passed a vote.


  1. Scott Sumner requested Travis Kincaid set up a way to vote on an item or point of interest on our website. Travis stated he could have this available and operational before the February Board Meeting.


  1. Travis Kincaid indicated he needed material for our website. Travis needs input or information on the following points:


  1. a) 2011 Scholarship d)         Fire information from each district
  2. b) 2011 Conference e)         Orange booklet information (Max Thomas)
  3. c) Membership Application f)         Registration Form for Conference


Travis stated he needed photographs and district information to add to the website.  Jim Simpson (West TN), Larry Dauberman (Middle TN), and Danny Beeler (East TN) agreed to help Travis to obtain information and help out with the website.


Another point brought up was to photograph our “Arson Hotline” sign in front of some “really bad” fires in our area to add to our website.  Even though this would be a somewhat staged fire, it may still be an advertisement for our hotline and open the door to explain what we offer.


  1. Jeff Day stated he would contact Barry Brady to add an advertisement to the Tennessee Firemans’ Association newsletter regarding our May 2011 conference. We need to consider adding the registration form and maybe even a hotline advertisement section for each printing of their newsletter.


  1. A point was raised regarding what we should do about our TACA Bylaws not having a guideline regarding board member meeting attendance requirements. Some of our board members are not participating in our board and need to be replaced. Max Thomas made a motion to draft bylaw changes indicating mandatory attendance and exceptions that would be allowed to be revised at our next meeting.  Nora Smith seconded the motion and the vote passed.


  1. It was brought up for consideration and planned to be discussed at our next meeting that we need to address forming our InterCounty Mutual Aid Task Force to address Arson and Arson Education throughout our State. The first action we need to take in this matter is gaining agreement and support through the Tennessee Fire Chief’s Association.


  1. Our next board meeting will be held on Friday 4 February, 2011 in the West Tennessee District. Max Thomas stated we could utilize the Forestry Service Office located in Lexington, Tennessee.  It was decided that the meeting would begin at 10:00 a.m. and there would be no planned educational speaker at this meeting.  A motion was made to accept the above location, date and time by Danny Beeler, seconded by Randy Groce and the vote passed.


Scott Sumner stated the next board meeting would begin with a discussion regarding the May 2011 conference and other items would be included as time permits.  T. Starr Smith-Martin stated the cost to be a sponsor and rent space would remain the same as last year for the 2011 conference.  Michael Bartlett indicated he would check the thumb drive sent by Millie Binkley to find the 300 to 400 member names needed for the conference/membership mailout.


  1. A motion to adjourn the meeting was made at 1:20 p.m. by T. Starr Smith-Martin, seconded by Jeff Day and the vote passed. (13 Board Members, 13 Total Members)



Submitted by Secretary





Michael S. Bartlett