November 1, 2011

TACA – Board Meeting

Tuesday 1 November 2011


Meeting called to order by President Scott Sumner at 10:01 a.m., Tuesday, 1 November 2011 at the Rutherford County EMA Building, 1220 West College Street, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.


Roll called of Board Members in attendance by Secretary Michael Bartlett and members present confirmed they were in good standing with annual dues current (*attached).   Quorum established at 14 Board Members and 16 Total Members present at beginning of meeting(*attached).


Secretary’s Report and previous Minutes of the 3 August 2011 Board Meeting were read by Michael Bartlett.  A motion to accept the minutes was made by Larry Dauberman, seconded by Jim Simpson and the vote passed.


Treasurer’s Report was delivered by Nora Smith.  The current checking balance is $14,193.87 and the savings balance is $10,759.56.  A motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report was made by Randy Groce, seconded by Jeff Sharp and the vote passed.



Old Business


  1. Alex Murillo with Maury County Fire Department and Jeff Woolard with Franklin Fire Department volunteered to help Travis Kincaid with the TACA website. Alex showed a template of what he could offer for all to view and comment.  Scott Sumner suggested we consider a Website/Facebook Committee of these three individuals to build and control the electronic media with Travis being the chairman and the liaison with the Board of Directors.  Discussion followed with active participation.  Scott Sumner indicated he would contact Travis to determine his ability to participate and chair the committee.  Danny Beeler stated Travis was currently very busy.  A motion was made by Larry Dauberman and seconded by William Baker to form this committee with Danny Beeler, Russell Robinson and Travis Kincaid in addition to Jeff Woolard and Alex Murillo as Web Builders to review and act on this proposal.  The motion passed.  The committee will operate from 1 November 2011 until the February 2012 meeting with a budget not to exceed a $500 limit on expenses.  We need the website up and running by 1 January 2012 for our conference information and registration reporting back to the President as required.  The above expenses will be for all charges related to our startup, monthly fees and upgrades.


  1. An Arson Hot Line update was not available at this meeting. Scott Sumner will meet with Mike Dalton in the next few weeks to determine a new Tennessee Bomb & Arson representative to work the hotline.  Scott will get this information out to everyone present.  Scott hopes to have the information updated monthly and included on our website and Facebook.


  1. Jeff Sharp presented information regarding the TACA Bylaws from his meeting with Lee Brooks and our attorney Art McClellan in Lebanon, Tennessee. Our ratified Bylaws which we are currently using are not up to date with how we currently do business.  We must get our Bylaws onto a disc which will be passed along as officers change.  A paper record within our minutes will not survive the changes of individuals throughout our continued operations.  Jeff will further discuss how we can change our Bylaws and change our voting rules to better serve our current TACA operating procedures with Art McClellan.  Jeff will get Art to draft a proposal and send it to Scott Sumner to get it out to 100% of our voting Board members to review, discuss and approve or not approve.  This will allow us to start the disc and have a beginning point for TACA’s future.


  1. The potential Hotel Replacement Search is still being pursued. Michael Bartlett will get information for Murfreesboro’s DoubleTree Hotel, Hampton Inn and Embassy Suites.  More information should be provided in the February Board Meeting.


  1. Billboards being used for TACA publicity during times they are not being rented was addressed by Scott Sumner. Scott contacted Lamar and they are not responsive to helping TACA with our proposal.  Danny Beeler spoke to a PR firm which indicated the idea was hit or miss and the sign may only stay up a day or two before someone else rented it.  Jeff Sharp stated there is really only two ways to grow; either to grow membership or to grow our money.  Scott asked Michael Bartlett to research mailing a sign, card, or pin to new members to thank them for becoming a member.  Michael will also try to get costing on about 100 each of pins and patches.


  1. The conference budget for 2011 Hospitality was indicated at our August 2011 Board meeting as being over $1,700. Nora Smith had not yet gathered the three year budget comparison numbers and it was requested she have the three year expense comparison numbers at the February meeting. Michael Bartlett presented 2010 and 2011 hospitality information for all present to review (*attached food comparison, alcohol comparison, miscellaneous and totals sheet).  We can finalize a 2012 budget at the February meeting after reviewing the three year comparison numbers.  William Barker stated the hospitality is a big draw for most people and the $1,700 number should not be reduced if it is a true number.  Scott asked everyone to think about whether we should have more money, the same or less budgeted for our 2012 Annual Meeting.  We will discuss the prior expenses and our future budget in February 2012.


New Business


  1. The East Tennessee Vice President position vacated by Mike Dalton will be filled by election in February, 2012. Mike Dalton has submitted a recommendation for the position and Scott will prepare his credentials and resumé for our February, 2012 meeting.


  1. A motion was made by William Baker and seconded by Russell Robinson to pay our incorporation fees for the annual report due to be filed in November, 2011. The motion passed the Board vote.


  1. The TACA 2012 Conference was discussed in New Business. Russell Robinson updated us on last years’ program and the plan for 2012 to build upon the event to include criminal trial preparation, civil trial preparation, TBI laboratory presentation, and NFPA 921 and 1033 information.  Russell will once again get P.O.S.T. approval and Fire Commission approval and we can indicate both are ‘pending’ on our website as soon as possible.  Russell indicated the outline and lesson plans are already started and will be presented in February.  Russell also indicated he has found a screen printed t-shirt for $8.00 that we could give out at registration.  Russell will bring an example to our February meeting. A motion was made by William Barker and seconded by Jim Simpson to accept Russell’s proposal for the 2012 conference; the vote passed.


  1. Jim Simpson, West Tennessee Vice President, stated we are still planning our next meeting at the Jackson Fire Training Center, 720 South Highland Street, Jackson, Tennessee at 10:00 a.m. on Friday 10 February 2012. More details will be afforded as the date approaches.


  1. Mike Dalton, Director of Tennessee Bomb and Arson, arrived at 12:40 p.m. to present information. Mike reiterated he would not be able to remain as the East Tennessee Vice President.  He stated he had received one application for his replacement which he has passed along to Scott Sumner.  There may also be two other individuals that have applied.  This will be three candidates for the position to be voted on in February.


Tennessee Bomb and Arson is staying very busy in all areas of the State.  Activities in the State consist of 163 open cases with 15 new ones just last week (October, 2011).  Two people have recently retired and there are currently three positions open and by January, 2012 there will be a total of six openings in the department.


A motion was made by William Barker to adjourn at 12:55 p.m. and was seconded by Andrew Kon.   The motion passed.  There were 13 Members present.