May 17, 2013 Annual Meeting Minutes

TACA – Annual Membership and Board Meeting

Friday 17 May 2013


The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Sharp at 10:00 a.m. during the Annual Tennessee Advisory Committee on Arson Conference held on Friday, 17 May 2013 at the Clarion Inns and Suites, 2227 Old Fort Parkway, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

The roll was called by Secretary Michael Bartlett of the Officers and Board of Directors present and was assured that all present were in good standing and current with their dues.  A separate sheet was passed about the room to gather the names of the general members, board members and officers in attendance at the 2013 Annual Meeting.  A quorum was determined as fifteen (15) Board Members and Officers (attached) and a total of thirty-three (33) Members were present (attached.)  The quorum required for an annual meeting is twenty members.

Minutes from the 8 February 2013 Board Meeting, the 14 May 2013 and the 16 May 2013 Board Meetings were not read by the Secretary.  A Motion to accept the Minutes as they stand was made by Phillip Gentry and seconded by Anthony Fultz.  A vote was taken and the vote passed not to read the prior meetings minutes.

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Nora Smith.  Our checking balance is at $24,872.54 and our Savings Balance remains at $10,763.40.  We have taken in $7,154.00 at this conference.  In addition to the conference fees and membership dues, we collected $620.00 at the Silent Auction, $141.00 for shirts and patches and $725.00 for 2 platinum sponsorships and one hospitality sponsor.

Prior to beginning Old Business, Jeff Sharp pointed out that our Officers serve terms as do the Board of Directors.  Jeff stated the President serves a two year term, the three Grand Division Vice Presidents serve a five year term and the Secretary and Treasurer serve a five year term.

Old Business

1.  Please indicated in the e-mail survey you will receive if you wish to move the Annual Conference from Murfreesboro to another area. Also, Jeff plans to make certain the Quarterly Board Meetings are held consecutively in each Grand Division of the State.

2.  Jeff Sharp opened the bylaw discussion and requested a Motion to accept the Bylaws as currently written and corrected to be followed by notarized approval. Bud Smith made the Motion to accept and Richard Pollard seconded the Motion.  The vote passed

Jeff requested a Motion to accept the Audit Committee information as written, with the change only to state the committee chairman will be the President Elect.  Bud Smith made the Motion and Richard Pollard seconded the Motion and the vote passed.

3.  Michael Bartlett updated the members on this year’s raffle. We had several very nice prizes offered this year including a Keurig Coffee Maker, a 2 night weekend cabin in Sevierville and thirty-three various style knives.  As stated in the Treasurer’s Report the auction netted us $620.00 and the raffle netted $438.00 as indicated below.  Our goal was to sell $500 in tickets.


Date                Daily               Cummulative               500 Goal         Tickets to Sell


15 May            $  78                $  78                            $-422               -211

16 May            $256                $334                            $-166               –  83

17 May            $104                $438                            $-62                 –  31


New Business

1.  The only new business was the annual election. This year four Directors were rotating off of the Board (Danny Beeler, Anthony Fultz, Russell Robinson, Gary Young) and one Board Member resigned (Chad Carson – 1 year term.)

The six nominees for the five available positions were Jimmy Jenkins, Fred Page, Russell Robinson, Anthony Fultz, Ryan Shanklin and Gary Young.

A Ballot Vote was taken and the ballots were counted by three existing Board Members.  The one year term expiring May 2014 will be filled by Gary Young.  The four three year terms expiring May 2016 will be filled by Russell Robinson, Ryan Shanklin, Anthony Fultz and Jim Jennings.

The next Quarterly Board Meeting will be held in Sevierville during the IAAI Conference held the week of 12 through 16 August, 2013.  The exact date and time will be forthcoming.

A Motion to adjourn was made by Anthony Fultz and was seconded by Gary Young.  The Motion was voted upon and passed.  We adjourned at 10:15 a.m.