May 16, 2014 Annual General Meeting

TACA Annual General Meeting

Friday 16 May 2014


The annual board of directors and general assembly meeting for 2014 was called to order at 10:25 President Jeff Sharp in Murfreesboro Tennessee during the Annual Conference.  The meeting was conducted at the Clarion Inns & Suites at 2227 Old Fort Parkway in Murfreesboro.

The roll was called by Secretary Michael Bartlett of the Officers and Board of Directors present and assurance was made that all present were current and in good standing.  A quorum of eight out of twelve board of directors is required to adjourn an official meeting.  There were a sixteen (16) officers present, eight (8) of which were directors.  A quorum was established and the annual meeting began.  The sign-in sheet is attached.

The Minutes of the Friday 7 February 2014 meeting were discussed.  The reading of the Minutes was conducted and approved by the assembly.

The Treasurer’s Report was read by Nora Smith.  Exact amounts will be given at a later date but we currently have $20,899 in checking and $10,000 +/- in the money market account.  There were 62 attendees at the annual conference which included 2 scholarships and 5 new TACA members.  The majority of the conference attendees pre-registered on-line prior to the start of the conference.

The raffle and t-shirt sales collected $271.00.  The silent auction income has not yet been calculated but will be reported in the August meeting.  The initial cost of the conference was $3,006.49 including $1,388.37 for hospitality.  A Hospitality Expense Comparison sheet for 2010 through 2014 is attached.

 Old Business

1.  The new venue for the 2015 TACA conference will be discussed by the new officers following the election in New Business.

 New Business

1.  The 2013-2014 Audit Committee consisted of Travis Kincade, Richard Pollard and Bill Garner. The Audit Committee met and reviewed the TACA records, reporting that all appeared to be in good order.

2.  The 2014 election was conducted for the President Elect, four (4) three year Board Members and one (1) two year Board Member fill the place vacated by the President Elect. The President Elect is Jimmy Jennings.  The two year Board Member (2016) to fill Jimmy’s position is Anthony Shostrand and the four three year Board Members (2012) are Terry Dial, Darryl Hodge, Richard Reed and Josh Sanders.



A motion to adjourn the Annual Meeting was made at 10:40 am by Travis Kincade and was seconded by William Barker.  A vote was taken and the Motion carried.  All members were still in attendance.