May 15, 2012 Meeting Minutes

TACA – Board Meeting

Tuesday 15  May 2012


Meeting called to order by President Scott Sumner at 6:27 p.m. on Tuesday 15 May 2012 at the Clarion Inns and Suites, 2227 Old Fort Parkway, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.


Roll called of Board Members in attendance by Secretary Michael Bartlett and members present confirmed they were in good standing with annual dues current.  Quorum established at 12 Board Members present at the beginning of the meeting (attached).


A Motion was made by Anthony Fultz and seconded by William Barker to not read the Secretary’s minutes of the 10 February 2012 Board Meeting and the vote passed.


The Treasurer, Nora Smith, was not present at the beginning of the meeting and no Treasurer’s Report was delivered.



Old Business


  1. Russell Robinson, Jeff Woodard and Alex Marillo have been working together on the TACA website and the progress is very promising. Everything seems to be falling into place and looks great.  Russell will see Nora Smith on Wednesday to receive a check for $150.00 for two years of annual fees for the new website.


  1. Currently Tennessee Bomb and Arson reviews the Arson Hot Line and sends the tips to the specific area Fire Marshal’s office. Scott Sumner will speak to Mike Dalton on Wednesday to determine the best method to continue handling the hotline.


  1. Jeff Sharp apprised us of his and Art McClellan’s work on the Bylaws. Jeff and Art have prepared a “Proxy Vote Form” which needs some cosmetic work on it before it will be voted on and approved.  The form will be used when a member is unable to be present at a meeting and chooses to give their proxy vote to a specific Board Member.  The form will be placed on our website for member review when accessed with a PIN.  The Secretary will be able to enter the website with a PIN and print off a hard copy of the proxy for us to have in the meeting.  We should be able to accomplish this task and we are close to being able to operate our registration electronically.


  1. Michael Bartlett received Board approval to order 100 enameled logo pins from EmbroidMe. The original time frame given for delivery had been incorrect and the actual date was many weeks out, therefore the order was cancelled and can be reordered in the future if we chooe.  Sixty patches were in stock and they were purchased.  Twelve will be given to Board Members present and the remaining 48 will be sold during the conference.


  1. Tee shirts with the message “Burn an Arsonist” have been obtained at a cost of $7.73 each. One shirt will be given to each attendee of the conference at registration. Additional shirts will be available for purchase during the conference at $10.00 each for large and XL and $12.00 for 2XL.

New Business


  1. Conference 2012*


  1. a) Scott Sumner will call all to order and invite all of our military veterans to the front for introduction and to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.  Murfreesboro Fire and Rescue Honor Guard will present the colors.  The opening prayer will be given by MFRD Chaplin Lee Douglas.


Welcoming speakers will be, in order, Mayor Tommy Bragg, Chamber of Commerce Mona Herring, MFRD Chief Cumbey Gaines, Tennessee State Fire Marshall Deputy Commissioner Gary West, and Tennessee Bomb and Arson Director, Mike Dalton.


  1. b) Nora Smith will be responsible for registration.  Nora informed all that everything is ready for tomorrow.  Last year we had 53 registered attendees.  This year we already have 61 pre-registered, and 50+ have prepaid.


  1. c) Tiffany Starr Smith and Darrell Hodge will give out tee shirts and goody bags to all registered attendees.


  1. d) Next year, 2013, we should be able to register online and prepay with credit cards or PayPal.  We should also generate information and other data to allow us to better meet the attendees’ expectations.


  1. e) Randy Groce, Sergeant-at-Arms, was given 3-circle, 3-star and 3-butterfly hole punches for class attendance records.


  1. f) Anthony Fultz, Terry Dial and a third member from the General Membership to act as the Nominating Committee.  This year we will use a nomination form for validation of candidates.  This year Randy Groce, Travis Kincaide, William Barker and Andrew Kon will be rotating off the Board allowing four vacancies for 2014 positions.  A President-Elect will be chosen from the Board of Directors also.


  1. g) Michael Bartlett will be Hotel Liasion and any questions, suggestions or problems with the Clarion should be channeled through him.


  1. h) Seventy-five examination sets and fifteen answer keys were given to Danny Beeler for the Friday testing.


  1. i) Four scholarships were awarded this year, paying the registration and membership fees for two from West Tennessee and two from Middle Tennessee.  No applications were received from East Tennessee this year.


  1. j) Randy Groce will handle the POST sign-ins and certifications and Bud Smith will handle the same for the Private Investigators.  An individual will be selected tomorrow to assure the Fire Commission information is gathered and maintained.


  1. k) Scott Sumner addressed the Board and stated he appreciated all the Board has achieved and the support he received.  Scott thinks we got a lot done and he thanked us all.


A Motion was made by William Barker to adjourn and was seconded by Danny Beeler.  The vote passed and we adjourned at 7:30 p.m. with 13 Board Members present.