May 13, 2011

TACA – Board Meeting

Friday 13 May 2011


Meeting called to order by President Scott Sumner at 10:40 a.m., Friday, 13 May 2011 at the Clarion Inns and Suites, 2227 Old Fort Parkway, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.


Roll called of Board Members in attendance by Secretary, Michael Bartlett and membership confirmed they were in good standing and their dues were current (*attached).   Quorum established; 16 Board Members, 45 Total Members (*attached).


Secretary’s Report and previous Minutes of the 4 February 2011 Quarterly Board Meeting and the 12 May 2011 Annual Board Meeting were read by Michael Bartlett.  A motion to accept both 2011 Minutes as presented made by Larry Dauberman, seconded by Travis Kincaid, passed the vote.


Treasurer’s Report delivered by Nora Smith indicated a $16,281.45 current checking balance and a $10,750.00 savings balance.  Preliminary conference information shows fifty-nine (59) attendees taking in $5,960.00 and spending $3,243.28 (not including hotel costs).  A more in-depth report will be prepared and presented by Nora Smith at the August Pigeon Forge Meeting.



Old Business


  1. A tax report needs to be submitted to the IRS whenever possible (there is a three year window that must not be exceeded). Since we have gross receipts of $50,000 or less, we can file an I-990 N postcard on the IRS website.  The only problem is that we need to know our login and password.  The IRS helped find the correct login but access is denied without the password.  Anyone who may remember the IRS tax access password is asked to contact Secretary Michael Bartlett.


  1. A new TACA display tri-fold board has been created and will be at the IAAI August Conference. We hope to gain several new members during this event but need members to sit with the board and register new members.  Anyone available for a few hours here or there is urged to contact either Scott Sumner or Michael Bartlett.


  1. The “Arson Hot Line” sign purchase was discussed. The corrugated yard signs are $8.50 each and the paper coated signs are $2.00 each.  A motion was made by Bud Smith to spend $1,000 to purchase 500 signs and was seconded by Barry Brady, vote passed.  A motion made by Marvin Hendrick, seconded by Bud Smith, passed to buy as many wallet sized cards as possible for $250.00.  [These signs have been purchased and are stored at MFD].


  1. The InterCounty Mutual Aid Taskforce to address “Arson and Arson Education” is still being spear-headed by Travis Kincaid. We will have an update at our August Board Meeting.


  1. Scott Sumner appointed a Bylaw Committee of Jeff Day, Larry Dauberman, Michael Bartlett and Chairman Jeff Sharp to address a change or revision along with a current update of the TACA Bylaws. The members should be able to meet at the August Conference and afford the Board an update on their progress.


  1. Travis Kincaid has been working to update the TACA website and set us up with PayPal for member payments, conference registration and merchandise purchases. Travis will bring us up to date on the progress during our August Quarterly meeting.


  1. An election was held for the four (4) Board of Directors positions open. There were five nominations for the available three year terms (*Ballot attached).  The four new Directors are Terry Dial (Maury County  SO), Marvin Hendrick (EFI Global), Darrel Hodge (Morristown FD) and Tiffany Smith-Martin (Lakeway Investigations).  A motion to accept the new Board of Directors was made by Larry Dauberman, seconded by William Barker, and passed by the membership present.



New Business


  1. This year’s conference went very well and there has been a lot of positive feedback. Attendees stated interest and enjoyment with the program.  Next years conference is planned to be an extension of this year’s program with plans to get more in-depth including law enforcement, crime scene forensics, and the legal system aspects of our investigation.


  1. The Board recognized David Baxter, Director of Tennessee Bomb and Arson, and thanked him for their help and resources to plan and prepare this year’s conference program. We also thanked Russell Robinson, Larry Dauberman and all the other individuals who helped with this program and made it informative and interesting.


  1. Next years TACA Conference will be held Tuesday through Friday, 15 through 18 May, 2012, at the Clarion Inns and Suites in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. TACA currently has the Clarion contracted for the next five (5) years.  Scott Sumner suggested we investigate a new location due to complaints.  Max Thomas made a motion we look into changing and William Barker seconded the motion.  Anthony Fultz made a motion, seconded by Tiffany Smith-Martin, that we form a hotel search committee.  The motion passed.  Scott Sumner appointed three people to the new search committee: 1. James Johnson (931) 698-4352, 2. Trey Nunley (615) 207-0066, and 3. Michael Bartlett (615) 995-9850.  The committee will have a plan to search prepared before the August meeting.


  1. The next Quarterly Board Meeting will be held in Pigeon Forge at the Music Road Inn and Convention Center, 303 Henderson Chapel Road, during the TN IAAI Annual Conference.


A motion to adjourn was made at 11:15 a.m. by Barry Brady and was seconded by Chuck Swann.  The motion carried.