February 4, 2011 Meeting Minutes

TACA – Quarterly Board Meeting

4 February 2011


Meeting called to order by President Scott Sumner at 10:01 a.m., Friday 4 February 2011, at the Tennessee Division of Forestry, 220 Eastern Shores Drive, Lexington, Tennessee.


Roll called of members in attendance by Secretary Michael Bartlett (*Attached).  Quorum established; 9 Board Members, 11 Total Members (*Attached).


Secretary’s Report and Previous Meeting’s Minutes were distributed by Michael Bartlett.  Motion to accept 4 November 2010 minutes as presented by Larry Dauberman, seconded by Travis Kincaid: passed.


Treasurer’s Report delivered by Michael Bartlett as submitted from Treasurer Nora Smith.  Checking account at $13,423.99 and savings account at $10,755.97.  The only current anticipated expenses will be the website, phone bill and May Conference to be paid as they come due.  Motion to accept by Larry Dauberman, seconded by Russell Robinson: passed.


Old Business


  1. Additional Secretary’s office material was received from Millie Binkley and discussed.  Millie also pointed out that the IRS will assist us with the completion of an IRS form I9-90 EZ for our TACA taxes prior to 15 April 2011.


  1. T. Starr Smith-Martin is working on the TACA Flyer improvements.  She was not at the board meeting but reported receipt of photos and some materials.  Due to classes Tiffany is taking, the flyer may be delayed past the May Conference.


  1. Jeff Day and Michael Bartlett are working on the TACA Board to set up at the TACA and the IAAI Conferences.  It will be ready by the May meeting.


  1. Anthony  Fultz suggested we set up a booth or have handouts for the upcoming PLRB Conference in Nashville on 3-6 April 2011.  The Conference is for insurance employees, claims representatives and vendors.  There is a portion of the Conference that would pertain to TACA interests.  Anthony will gather further information to forward to Scott Sumner for review and consideration.


  1. A motion was made by Randy Groce and seconded by Danny Beeler that Scott Sumner meet with Max Thomas to order 250 “Arson Hot Line” signs before the May Conference.  The motion passed and Miller Binkley offered to see that Max ordered the signs.


  1. Russell Robinson and Jeff Day will attend the Fire Commission Meeting on Friday 11 March 2011 to discuss CFI certification and present our agenda for their approval.  Randy Groce discussed how easy it is to submit the POST request.  Jeff has been talking to Captain Spence at the RCSO.  Randy, Russell and Jeff will work on certifications before the May Conference.


  1. Regarding the previous request by Nashville Fire Investigator, Billy Deering, to pay a reward to {name redacted} for the 2009 Clay O’Mallary fire, a motion to NOT pay was made by Danny Beeler and seconded by Randy Groce.  The motion passed and Scott stated he would contact Billy Deering.


  1. Jeff Day is working on getting an advertisement for our TACA Conference into the Tennessee Firemans Association newsletter.  Jeff will work with Barry Brady to get this done.


  1. Travis Kincaid is working on forming an InterCounty Mutual Aid Task Force to address “Arson and Arson Education” within Tennessee.  Germantown and Bartlett are spear-heading this proposal.


  1. Jeff Day has taken on the task of rewriting the TACA Bylaws and should be ready to present the draft at the Conference. It appears the beginning date of TACA may be 30 July 1980 and any history would be appreciated.  Danny Beeler made the motion, seconded by Larry Dauberman, that Scott appoint a Bylaw Committee.  Scott appointed Jeff Day, Jeff Sharp, Larry Dauberman and Michael Bartlett with Jeff Sharp as Chairman.  Scott suggested Jeff Day get the Bylaw drafts to the committee members as soon as possible and then sent to an attorney to check for any problems in the text.  Scott hopes we will have final draft copies for the general membership at the May Conference.


New Business


  1. Mike Dalton will have a retirement party on Friday 25 February 2011 at Beaver Brook Country Club in Knoxville.  Scott requested Danny Beeler speak at the event.  Randy Groce made a motion, seconded by Jeff Sharp, that TACA purchase a plaque at a “reasonable” price for Mike’s retirement.  The motion passed.


  1. It was announced that Assistant Commissioner Jim Pillow’s last day would be Friday 4 February 2011 and that Director of Bomb & Arson David Baxter had resigned effective Friday 11 February 2011.  (Note: David Baxter has since withdrawn his resignation)


  1. Larry Dauberman updated us on the TACA HotLine and it is working properly.  There have been eight to fifteen calls since November and two have been sent out to the field.


  1. The remainder of the Board of Directors’ meeting was spent discussing the May Conference.  I have listed the items below in condensed format.


  1. A) The instructor’s, for the most part, have agreed to teach the program segments.  There are one or two speakers we still need to arrange.


  1. B) Russell Robinson has arranged to get 75 copies of the InterFire VR Program and may be able to get another 20 copies before the Conference.  Shield will donate 100 binders, rings, back cover and CD disc holders.  Roger Hawks at TFACA will print the manuals for us at no cost.  Russell will make sure each attendant has their own notebook, but he needs someone to supply two power-point projectors and two screens.


  1. C) Travis Kincaid will have the website set up by 1 March 2011 to register online. Travis will research using PayPal in the future and will let us know more at the May Board Meeting.


  1. D) Larry Dauberman, Russell Robinson, and Jeff Sharp will be instructors.  Mark Teufert from ATF will possibly give an overview of InterFire.  All 40 test questions have already been prepared.  Tiffany Smith-Martin will be responsible for the vendors, sponsors and the program.  Jeff Day will be responsible for motel liaison.  Michael Bartlett will be responsible for mail outs and registration.  We all need to get silent auction items and give-aways for registration bags (100+/-each).


  1. E) There will be a Board Meeting Tuesday 10 May 2011 at 6:00 p.m. at the Clarion Inns & Suites.  At that time the Conference will be finalized and last minute details addressed.  We will also prepare the Give-Away Bags and prepare copies of the agenda for distribution.  Registration set-up and test runs along with printer tests will be completed.


  1. F) Randy Groce will put together teams to act as Sergent-At-Arms for daily classroom entry verifications.  Michael Bartlett will purchase three sets of punches with at least three punch design options to be used from the 5 classroom sessions.


  1. G) Carl Peas will be responsible for speaking with his contacts for food for the hospitality sessions (2 nights) calculating for 30 to 40 people each night.  Michael Bartlett will check with MFD Firefighter Rob Odom who is a Toot’s employee to see if they may want to bid on one of the nights.  Carl Peas and Michael Bartlett will be responsible for the libations and hosting the Hospitality Suite.


  1. H) We plan to have a nightly Hospitality Suite drawing for a special gift each night.  Again everyone should try to get give away items for the gifts and silent auction.  Michael Bartlett will make certain we have tickets for the give-aways and the 50/50 drawings.  Michael Bartlett will purchase eight (8) $25.00 Walmart Gift Cards for give aways.


  1. I) Michael Bartlett will check with EmbroidMe in Murfreesboro to see if they still have our logo, obtain costing for shirts and check with the rest of the Board on how many to order for the Conference.


  1. J) Next year, if everything goes as planned, we should be able to expand this years’ presentation and build on this case to include law enforcement, the courts and the legal system aspects of our investigations.


  1. K) The elections will be held during the Board and Annual Meeting on Friday 13 May 2011.  The Nominating Committee will be Anthony Fultz as Chairman, Danny Beeler and one individual from the general membership.  The terms that will expire this year are Gary Young, Marvin Headrick, Randy Groce and T. Starr Smith-Martin.


  1. A motion to adjourn was made at 1:04 p.m. by Randy Groce, seconded by Travis Kincaid, and the vote passed.  (8 Board Members, 10 Total Members)


Submitted by:




Michael S. Bartlett, Secretary