August 6, 2014 Meeting Minutes

TACA Quarterly Board Meeting

Wednesday 6 August 2014

 The quarterly board meeting for TACA was called to order by President Elect Jimmy Jennings at 4:50 pm during the IAAI Conference conducted at the Music Road Inn and Convention Center, 303 Henderson Chapel Road, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  The roll was called of board members and officers present and it was established they were all current and a quorum was held.  Roster and sign-in sheet are attached.

Minutes of the prior board meeting 16 May 2014 were read by Secretary Michael Bartlett.  A Motion to approve was made by Russell Robinson and seconded by Jim Rummage and the vote carried.

At this time, President Elect Jimmy Jennings submitted a letter to the Board of Directors from President Travis Kincade resigning his position in TACA due to employment changes and relocation outside the State of Tennessee.  A Motion to accept the resignation was made by Bill Garner and seconded by Josh Sanders.  The vote to accept passed.

Jimmy Jennings was welcomed as our new President.  Lee Brooks explained our by-laws and the action to be taken regarding the vacancy in the President Elect position.  Jimmy stated a quorum was not required to nominate a President Elect.  A Motion to appoint Director Russell Robinson was made by Darryl Hodge and was seconded by Jim Rummage.  The vote to accept passed unanimously.

Following a review of the voting at the May 2014 election, it was noted Lamar Childress did not receive a sufficient number of votes for placement but with the new position he would be in line for the current position.  Lamar was appointed and approved by Jimmy Jennings to fill the position vacated with Russell Robinson moving to President Elect.  Lamar Childress will be a board member until the election in May, 2015.

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Nora Smith.  We currently have $23,241.90 in our checking account and $10,764.83 in our savings.  The May 2014 Conference cost was $4,421.57 and we put $7,035.07 back into the bank representing a $2,613.50 profit.

 New Business

1.  Committee Chairpersons were appointed for the 2015 conference. Russell Robinson will be the liaison with the Fire Commission and the POST Certifications and the Education Committee to work with MTSU for their assistance and advice.  It is possible Dr. Hugh Berryman may incinerate a pig and use the burn pods for their research too.  Bill Garner will be the liaison to the TBI Laboratory and ATF for the Live Burn Cells.  Bill stated we already have 100% funding for four (4) cells (two 24’ x 24’ Built out to four 12’ x 12’ kitchen cells).  Bill suggested the need to rent a storage facility or container to store our supplies and furniture and appliances.  Bill and Jim Rummage will research this acquisition.  David Edge with Case Restoration will provide the funding and he will work with Bill Garner on the burn cells.  Michael Bartlett and Bill Garner will co-chair the Vendor and Hospitality Committees.  JP Ray will be chair of the Silent Auction Committee.  The Finance Committee will consist of the President Elect, Russell Robinson, and one board member and one member of the general assembly.

2.  Bill Garner made a Motion to send something to our Attorney, Art McClelland in condolence to the death of his mother. Nora Smith will purchase a book or commemorative item to donate in memory at an expense of $100 or less.  A Motion was made by Randy Groce and seconded by Bill Garner for Nora to proceed and the vote passed.

3.  Geoff Woolard explained the new scanners that IAAI and TFSIA are purchasing for conference registration and attendance. The options are to rent the scanner for three (3) weeks at a cost of $100 per scanner or to purchase the scanners for an initial investment of $4,500.00.  The purchase price would include the software and three scanners and was to be split by IAAI and TFSIA.  We could be included in a three way split of $1,500.00 per organization.  A Motion to include TACA was made by Bill Garner and seconded by Josh Sanders.  The vote passed and we should be able to use the new technology in our 2015 Conference.

4.  Geoff Woolard updated the Board on the TACA website improvements. Josh Sanders will be working with Geoff and Russell Robinson will continue to help out when his time permits.  The website is planned to include contact information on all the officers and members of the Board of Directors, photographs of events and points of interest during the month, the NFA and BATS Summary Reports, Quarterly Treasurer’s Reports and a running Meeting Minutes for the previous two years or eight quarterly meetings.  Nora or Jimmy will get the Treasurer’s Reports to Geoff and Michael will make sure he has the last two years of Minutes.  This approach should allow visibility of our organization to all of our General Assembly.  We will discuss our progress in detail at our November Board Meeting.

5.  Jimmy Jennings wants us to begin using “Quickbooks On-Line” for our accounting and banking issues. Jimmy plans to work with Nora Smith to get TACA up on Quickbooks.  The program we will purchase affords continuous updates plus technical support at a cost of $18.86 per month.  A Motion to pursue this avenue was made by Bill Garner and seconded by Russell Robinson and the vote passed.

6.  Jimmy Jennings updated the Board on the 2015 Conference plans. He has received hotel quotes for the Cool Springs area from $129.00 to $179.00 per night.  The State or Government rate for this area is $129.00.  The Conference Room will be used from the morning of Wednesday, the first day, for registration and orientation and then for Opening Ceremonies.  We will use the Conference Room on Thursday for a full day and be out by noon on Friday.  Jimmy will have final bids at our November meeting and have major details confirmed.

7.  A decision pertaining to our TACA Information Award will be made in our November meeting. It was addressed that TACA needs to increase our award from the $1,500.00 cap to be more enticing to individuals who may have information to afford.  Tennessee Bomb and Arson Director Dewey Woody suggested we consider a tiered system for awards.  We will use the November meeting to set a maximum amount and discuss a case by case approach.  A Motion to table this discussion until the next Board Meeting was made by Jim Rummage and was seconded by Josh Sanders and the vote to table passed.


A special thanks was made to TACA and Jimmy Jennings for the poster honoring Kevin Lawrence in the Hospitality Room.  The TACA Facebook page is now open to the general public and everyone was urged to add it to their Facebook, thanks to work by Geoff Woolard.  It was noted we would discuss a firm plan for a TACA Scholarship for attendees at our 2015 Conference at our November meeting.  The November meeting was set for Thursday 6 November 2015 at 9:00 am in Franklin.  The exact location will be determined and sent to the Officers and Board.


A motion to adjourn was made by Bill Garner and seconded by Josh Sanders.  The Motion passed and the meeting ended at 6:30 pm.