August 4, 2010 Meeting Minutes

TACA – Board and Open Meeting

4 August 2010


Meeting called to order by President Scott Sumner at 5:15 p.m., Wednesday after IAAI Conference in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, 4 August 2010.


Roll called of Board Members in attendance by Secretary, Michael Bartlett.  (*Attached.)  Quorum established, (10 Board Members, 21 total members.) (*Attached.)


Secretary’s Report and Previous Meeting Minutes read by Michael Bartlett (3 sets).

Motion to accept 11 May 2010 minutes by Randy Groce, seconded by Danny Beeler.

Motion to accept 14 May 2010 minutes by Max Thomas, seconded by Danny Beeler.

Motion to accept 14 May 2010 minutes by Danny Beeler, seconded by T. Starr Smith-Martin.


Treasurer’s Report read by Scott Sumner as received from Treasurer Nora Smith

As of 30 July 2010, the account stands at $13,241.73 in checking and $10,753.26 in savings.

Motion to accept by Randy Groce and seconded by Robert Oliver.

It was reported that a second $750.00 has been received from State Farm.


Old Business


  1. Summary of Conference 2010 Comments were distributed by Scott Sumner. (*Attached.)  The Murfreesboro Clarion is well under way to be remodeled  and by May 2011 it should be greatly improved.  We are committed for the 2011 year.


  1. POST and CFI certifications being researched by Jeff Day and will be tabled until next meeting when he is present.


  1. The question was asked if we wanted to have training classes at future business meetings. This has been tried in previous years.  This will again be tabled until a future meeting.


  1. Barry Brady offered to get the Tennessee Fireman’s Association newsletter to add a spot for our TACA meeting information.


  1. The Coalition Group discussion from the last meeting costing $1,000.00 for one vote each year was re-discussed. Danny Beeler made the motion to table the idea until a future date when we have adequate additional funds.  Randy Groce seconded the motion, vote passed.


  1. The TACA thumb drive and additional Secretary’s materials have not been forwarded to the new secretary. Scott Sumner to contact and procure material.  (*Note: Thumb drive received 13 September 2010, other materials to be sent soon.)



New Business


  1. Should we increase our TACA reward from the current $1,500.00?


  • Max Thomas stated that Georgia begins their reward at $10,000.00 and the insurance companies pay willingly.
  • Barry Brady asked if a list of insurance companies that support TACA’s reward program exists.  Scott Sumner indicated there were only two companies in our program.
  • Bud Smith suggested we may want to increase to $2,500.00.  The statements indicate “…up to…” so we do not have to always pay top amount.
  • Max Thomas suggested a letter be written to each insurance company and ask them for their participation and help.
  • Scott Sumner stated we will table the idea for now, leaving the reward as is, and further discuss an increase at the next meeting.


  1. A booth or table for TACA at the 2011 IAAI Conference was discussed. Danny Beeler said it was acceptable to IAAI to allow our setup.


  1. Next years’ TACA conference will be 11 through 13 May 2011, at the Murfreesboro Clarion Inns and Suites. The Board Members should be present for Board Meeting Planning Session at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday 10 May 2011 per Scott Sumner.


  • Scott Sumner suggested making our four required annual meetings on Fridays instead of Thursdays to allow travel or overnight time and everyone seemed to approve the idea.
  • The upcoming four meetings are to be held as follows:

1)         TFSIA Conference, 2 through 5 November, Murfreesboro (Middle)

2)         Location TBD, February (1st Friday) (West Tennessee)

3)         TACA Conference, 11 through 13 May, Murfreesboro (Middle)

4)         IAAI Conference, August (TBD), Pigeon Forge (East Tennessee)

  • The February, First Friday meeting date motion was made by Jeff Sharp and seconded by Anthony Fultz and passed a vote.
  • Bud Smith made a motion to tag onto TFSIA to reserve six (6) rooms in the Clarion for TACA members to attend the November conference and TACA quarterly meeting.  Seconded by Michael Bartlett and passed a vote.


  1. Scott Sumner proposed a “theme” for our 2011 TACA conference. The idea was to burn a building, photograph the burn and the scene investigation, investigate the site and have different speakers discuss each area of their investigations and expertise.  Everything will be done in advance and get the information sent to the speakers to prepare for class in advance.  Russell Robinson volunteered to head up the project and David Baxter volunteered to supply the video equipment and manpower from the Bomb & Arson personnel.  Max Thomas suggested having a “Private Investigator” do their part of the investigation also.  Russell Robinson will bring ideas and updates to the November meeting for Old Business discussion.
  2. Scott Sumner will send copies of the meeting’s minutes and a list of what all the Board Members need to be working on prior to the November Board/General Membership meeting.


  1. T. Starr Smith-Martin will prepare a new flyer for TACA to be reviewed and agreed upon at the November meeting.


A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 6:39 p.m. by Robert Oliver and seconded by Andrew Kon.  (9 Board Members, 15 Total Members)



Submitted by Secretary




Michael S. Bartlett