August 8, 2012 Meeting Minutes

TACA Quarterly Board Meeting

Wednesday 8 August 2012


Note: Meeting was conducted in Pigeon Forge Tennessee during the Tennessee Annual IAAI Conference.  Secretary, Michael Bartlett, was unable to attend IAAI this year and the notes of the meeting were recorded by East Tennessee Vice President, John Paul Ray.

Meeting called to order by President Jeff Sharp at 17:07 (5:07 p.m.) during the Annual IAAI Conference conducted in Pigeon Forge Tennessee.

President Sharp welcomed members and visitors and gave information as to the order of business to be addressed.  Board member roll call was taken and each board member was presented with copies of the minutes from the last business meeting.  The minutes were approved as presented by a unanimous decision.

The Treasurer’s Report was read by President Sharp.  Totals were $17,916.76 – checking and $10,762.23 – savings.

There were a total of 86 attendees at the May Conference (four were Scholarship winners).


 Old Business

1.  William Barker addressed the t-shirts which had been ordered. He has collected $310.00 and is in possession of approximately 20 shirts that are for sale.  An additional $92.00 is yet to be collected.  If all shirts sell, TACA should profit $60.00.

Also addressed was allowing t-shirts/merchandise to be ordered online and be shipped to the buyer.

2.  Jeff Woodard reported the website had undergone extensive changes and was in the process of more upgrades. He stated that two possible options are available to enhance the organization’s ability to register, track, and receive payment for the conference, membership dues, and purchases.

The first option is to use RegOnline® system.  Costs are associated with this option, but it will facilitate better record keeping, membership demographic information, and allow for numerous payment options.  This would prevent the use of multiple spreadsheets that currently require manual data entry and would be more flexible with asking members specific questions during the registration process.  An option would be to pass the added expense straight through to the student/member at the time of registration as an online convenience charge, if the board so desired.  The charge for someone choosing to register online for the conference would be approximately $4.00 plus a 4.95% credit card user’s fee.  Currently the transaction amount would total approximately $8-$10 per person.  This option would also allow certificates and reports to be generated and member information to be tracked from the data collected online.

The second option is a manual system based off of the online information that would be collected during the registration process, but no online payment option would be available.  This option would be labor intensive.

Russell Robinson added that the information which was collected via the RegOnline® option would be accessible online to the board members and different reports would be generated in multiple ways.

Both Jeff Woodard and Russell Robinson made recommendation to proceed with RegOnline®.  RegOnline® charges $3.95 per registration and there is no contract or minimum number of users required.  The Website Committee had been approved for $500, they have spent $126 thus far and internet hosting fee isn’t due again until 2014.

Also noted was that this system also allows for onsite payments for registration and for the purchase of merchandise using an Apple Square device.

William Barker made the motion to accept the recommendation of the Website Committee and adopt the RegOnline® system.  Anthony Fultz seconded the motion.  Vote held.  Vote passed – none opposed.  (15 Board Members present: Bud Smith, Tiffany Starr Smith, William Barker, Scott Sumner, Jim Rummage, J.P. Ray, Anthony Fultz, Bill Garner, Larry Dauberman, Terry Dail, Randy Groce, Jim Simpson, Lee Brooks, Dan Johnson, Greg Lampkin, Danny Beeler.)

Bill Garner asked about raising fees to cover the increase in costs with RegOnline® – After mimimal discussion this topic was tabled until the November meeting.

The Website Committee is to present ideas regarding what information/questions will be recommended for data tracking through the online system during the November meeting.

Russell Robinson asked that the minutes from the business meetings, contact information for the board and membership, and any other information and forms that were to be accessible on the website be sent to him.  This included the proxy forms mentioned in the May meeting.


New Business

1.  Mr. Daniel Blair, President of the Tennessee Fire Chief’s Association addressed the group regarding his vision for the TFCA. He requests that we consider and discuss our involvement with what he described as a “Super Conference.”  Mr. Blair stated that this conference may be held two years from now and would be a benefit to everyone.  Mr. Blair also briefly discussed monies that have been donated or pledged for the arrest and conviction surrounding the line of duty death of Decatur Fire Chief Kenny Fox in West Tennessee.  He stated that the TFCA and Governor’s Office was also “on board.”  Mr. Blair stated that Lori Ratliff had his contact information.

2.  President Sharp discussed/commented on the current committees within TACA. The committees (and the chairperson and known members for each) noted were:


  1. Bylaws – President Jeff Sharp – chair
  2. Training and Education – Chairman Russell Robinson, Jim Simpson, and Darrell Hodge
  3. Vendors – Chairman Mike Bartlett, Tiffany Smith,and Bill Garner
  4. Set up/Hotel – Chairman Mike Bartlett, William Barker, and Randy Groce
  5. Nominating – Chairman Danny Beeler
  6. Testing – Chairman Danny Beeler
  7. State Fire Commission Curriculum – Chair – Lee Brooks, Randy Groce, William Barker (3 others not named)
  8. Historian – Lee Brooks


President Sharp requests consideration for the creation of a finance committee.  This committee would also serve as a budgetary development and internal audit team to increase the accountability and transparency of the organization.  This committee will research previous year(s) expenditures, current trends, and potential future projections, as well as serve as oversight for TACA monies.  President Sharp asks that he be contacted with feedback and ideas regarding this committee.  After consideration and discussions, a vote will be held at the November meeting.

3.  Marvin Headrick resigned from the Board of Directors by written letter. Several options were discussed regarding the process for replacing Mr. Headrick.  President appointment, board appointment, and referring to the previous Board of Director vote count that took place for the next runner up were considered.  The previous election results were checked and two potential candidates were found.  Of the two, Chad Carson was present and voiced interest in becoming a board member.  On behalf of the other candidate, Jim Simpson stated that due to other obligations, he would not be interested in serving at this time.  Lee Brooks stated that precedence has been set in the past by the president appointing a board member.  Danny Beeler made the motion for the President to appoint Chad Carson to the Board of Directors to serve the remaining term vacated by Mr. Headrick.  Bill Garner seconded the motion and a vote was held.  All were in favor, none opposed.  President Sharp appointed Mr. Chad Carson to the board to serve a partial term that will last until 2014.

4.  The next item of discussion was the Annual 2013 TACA Conference scheduled to be held Wednesday 15 through Friday 17 May 2013. The pre-conference Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday 14 May with the time and location to be determined later.


Discussion on topics… Several possibilities were mentioned.  Those tentatively chosen are:  Wednesday, May 15th, Expert Interview Techniques (Mark Hall – THP) Thursday, May 16th, Subrogation (State Farm) – Live Demo Burns: Using Household Items and Appliances (Board)

Friday, May 17th, Tips, Tricks, and Gadgets for the Investigator (possibly Kim May)


Other possibilities discussed:


  • Multifaceted case study involving State B&A archived case (William Barker, Joe Cuccia, Glenn Aslinger)
  • Basic Fire Terminology
  • Meth Lab Fires


Lee Brooks recommended/suggested that permission be obtained to use the old burn building for the demo burn/live fire portion of Thursday’s class since this would be weather dependent training.


Russell Robinson will be checking on the Interview Technique & Tips, Tricks & Gadgets Instructor.  Jim Simpson will be checking with State Farm for the Subrogation Expert(s).  Bill Garner will be checking on the old burn building and demo burn requirements.  President Sharp reminded everyone about the silent auction, goody bags, door prizes, and the need for vendors.


Bill Garner stated that he had several leads and one confirmed vendor.


President Sharp asked that each board member acquire one item to go toward the auction/raffle.


Vice Presidents are to be getting the word out about the Scholarships that are available.  Six each – 2 from each division.

5.  Danny Beeler recommended that the minutes from the meetings and/or the board members present at the meetings be published on the website. Lee Brooks stated that the Bylaws state that if three (3) meetings are missed the member is removed from their positions as officers.

6.  Arson Hotline statistics are needed – President Sharp is currently working on this.


The next Quarterly Board Meeting will be conducted on Friday 9 November 2012 at 10:00 a.m. Central time.  The exact location will be determined at a later date.


A motion to adjourn was made by Jim Simpson.  It was seconded by William Barker and the vote passed.  Meeting was adjourned at 18:59 (6:59 p.m.).  The minutes were collected and compiled by J.P. Ray and were put in final form by Michael Bartlett.